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San Jose Magic

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Visit Silicon Valley's only magic shop

San Jose, CA

In downtown San Jose, minutes from Santana Row and Valley Fair, visit the only magic shop from San Francisco to Monterey.
San Jose Magic
376 Race Street, San Jose, CA

Meet Genii, one of the few female magic shop owners in the U.S. Brick and mortar shops are rare and San Jose Magic has been open for over 15 years. Magic events, performances and magic classes once a month.

San Jose Magic Open House

Join us for magic lessons, performance and a huge magic sale of items from the collection of magicians that include Paul Burleson, Doug Greer, and more

MagicVision: Magique du Cirque

Magic & Illusion Direct to Your Living Room! An evening of Wonder-filled Sorcery for your entertainment pleasure

The Magique Bazaar presents Majinga the Magician and Magic Genii with Mystical Maya, Rene Teboe & Ravanna. 

Join us for a unique MagicVision show where we'll discover the intersection of magic and circus.  Marvel at the specially trained menagerie of magical critters, including Norbert the Magic Rabbit, our beautiful doves and the newest members, the rockin' chicken trio of the Spice Girls.  Mystifying magic will meet favorite circus acts of balance, juggling and ventriloquism.  Don't miss a fabulously fun time!  See you at the circus - Magique du Cirque.

Audiences proclaim "This is the best zoom show I've seen!" Come see for yourself! Recommended for ages 12 and up.

Magic Classes the first Monday of each month

Magic classes where the basics of magic with cards, coins and props are learned beside the fundamentals of public speaking and performance. For ages 5 and up